Bowie and his allergy to Chicken


Bowies is our precious furbaby and we wanted to share his story. As a puppy, we started feeding him kibble. Suddenly we started noticing that he had severe itching and scratching around the face and his back. Finally, after a couple of visits to the vet, we found out he was allergic to chicken. 

No matter how many times we changed his food he was still getting his allergies and found out that even salmon kibble has chicken and hidden ingredients. So we decided to cook for him and change all his diet. His allergies got so much better, but when we will give him a dog treat his allergies will come back and he will get an upset stomach.  Coz of course we couldn't find all-natural dog treats. 

So, one nite I told Ean, let's bake Bowie some dog treats. OMG, how did that change Bowie's life forever? Well,  his coat started to get all shiny, his allergies disappeared, no more upset stomach, and no more visits to the vet. 

For this reason, we believe dogs deserve the best. No chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and NO CHICKEN.

Now Bowie is living a healthy life free of chemicals and additives. We hope these bites help your doggy the way they helped Bowie!


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