Doggy Dognut

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Our doggy donuts are full of flavors. Your dog will drool on every single bite. Each dognut is handmade with all-natural ingredients.  They are full of anti-inflammatory properties, help aging joints and support the immune system.  Sunflower seeds improve your dog's skin and manage cholesterol levels 

INGREDIENTS: Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Sunflower Seeds, Oats, and Peanuts.

NOTE: Due to a shortage in supply, our dognut don't have pumpkin seeds; instead, we replace them with blackberries. 

ALL-NATURAL: We use all-natural, easy-to-read ingredients like peanuts and oats. You can trust that your dog is getting the nutrients he or she needs from these high-quality, natural dog treats.
THOUGHTFULLY HANDMADE: All treats are handmade and fresh. No chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors are in the treats. They are 100% made in the USA, vegan, and wheat-free.
FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Bowie's Bites are designed as a daily part of a healthy diet. Feed as a snack or reward. Treats should always be paired with water.

Our treats are recommended for dogs 4 months and older.